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Warriors vs. Jazz GameThread: Dubs take on a depleted Utah squad

The Utah Jazz are an up and coming team, however they will be missing the majority of their starting lineup. Are they throwing in the towel already even though the Warriors are on a back to back after incinerating the LA Clippers?

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz have long been the darlings of NBA-loving men and women throughout the world. They have length, they have skill. They have a plethora of players who maybe don't make sense outside of their specific scheme but somehow meld into a fearsome unit while playing at high altitude in Utah.

However, the Dubs (fresh off trouncing the hapless Clippers), might not be met with much of a challenge, as Utah has decided to rest a significant portion of their team.

Via reddit/r/nba (the most awesome source of NBA stuff out there, in case you didn't know):

George Hill - out with a sprained toe
Rodney Hood - out with a hamstring injury
Gordon Hayward - just announced OUT tonight
Derrick Favors - OUT - bone bruise
Rudy Gobert should be playing, but won't be surprised to see utah theoretically forfeit this game by benching him as well to avoid risking injury

So, what kind of game will we see tonight? Will Steve Kerr play his stars minimal minutes, assuming that the bench can potentially get it done? Or will we see Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and co. get extended minutes as they continue to develop team chemistry and concept?

Tune in. Warriors vs. Jazz. 6pm PT. In Salt Lake City.

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