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Klay Thompson has been on fire!

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The All Star shooting guard has posted some insane numbers recently.

Here, quick, check this out:

His shooting chart looks like the vast majority of lawns in California right now. Mostly green, but with a few ugly dirt patches due to the drought. (C'mon El Nino, show us what you got!)

Seriously, look at that! I want to set up a chair and drink a cool glass of lemonade on that lawn. I'd like to mow the grass, slowly, as I ponder the meaning of summer.

But, here we are hip deep in winter, and Klay Thompson is on fire.

Game one, Wednesday, January 25th, vs. Mavericks:

Game two, Friday, January 30th, vs. 76ers:

Game three, Saturday, January 31st, vs. Knicks:

Game four, January 23rd, 2015 vs Kings:

Wait, wait, wait... How did THAT get in there?! Whoops ;)

(All highlights courtesy of the one and only FreeDawkins on youtube)

Nate Parham and I are always debating who the "real" Klay Thompson is. Is he this behemoth, world-ender who showed up the last three games? Or is he the player who coasts for long stretches of the game, sometimes disappearing?

I guess more importantly: Does it matter?

Let's sit back and enjoy the fireworks for as long as they last.

Next game: Warriors @ Wizards, Wednesday February 3rd. What do you think Klay will have in store versus the Wizards?