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Alex Wong on Stephen Curry's youth games in Toronto

Alex Wong, or stevenlebron, is one the funnier writers and tweeters in the basketball world. Based somewhere in Canada, he writes about Stephen Curry's year and the lasting impression he made there.

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Did you know Stephen Curry is going to be an All-Star this year?


Fellow colleague of mine, also one of the funniest guys on Twitter and the basketball world, penned a nice piece on Stephen Curry's fleeting stardom in Toronto, a place where he played for a year and his father Dell Curry played for several.

The link to the story is here.

I don't want to foreshadow too much of it but the last line of the story is perfectly written and, well, a foreshadowing perhaps of the basketball world to come in the not so damn distant future.

As for Bannister, years after coaching against Curry, these days, he’s staying up at night to catch every Warriors game this season. What Curry is doing on the court still amazes him. “He’s hitting shots from everywhere,” Bannister said. “It’s not fair. You’re not supposed to make those shots.”

The best part about Bannister’s disbelief is he gave the exact same response to me just minutes earlier about an eighth grader he had no idea how to stop.

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