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Warriors head into All Star Weekend as a historically powerful team

Every single team to have put up these specific numbers throughout a season has gone on to win the championship. Unfortunately, the Spurs are keeping pace.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

One of the tricky thing about this Warriors team is you don't know where to stop.

You don't know how to quantify their night-to-night brilliance. Don't have access to proper words. Words to express how you feel when Stephen Curry does something so ridiculous that your mouth drops open and emits a sounds like a yelling goat.

(Whenever I feel sad, or whenever I have doubts about humankind's inherent goodness, I remember that this video has over 33 million views. If this is how we choose to spend our time, we can't be so bad.)

But I digress.

Nate, Ivan, and I often come up against this wall while recording our podcasts. Really, WHAT IS THERE TO SAY? The team is functioning at a level of proficiency that is unprecedented.

Or, basically unprecedented. I got to thinking. What other teams have had seasons that paralleled this Warriors season?

What other teams have shot the ball this efficiently and won such a high percentage of games?

So, I headed over to, and set a search for teams that had an 80% win percentage or higher, and that shot at least 48% from the field (listed in descending order based on Offensive Rating).

That is a very select list.

Let's break it down a little further.

The Bulls lead the pack, but it's not the 95-96 team! Nope, it's the 91-92 team! Surprise right from the get go. They finished the regular season shooting 50.8% from the field, won 81.7% of their games, and posted a 115.5 OffRtg.

Second on the list are this year's Warriors, with a crazy 92.3% winning percentage, an OffRtg of 114.8, and shooting 49% from the floor.

Obligatory clip? Why not...

Third up, with an 80.5% winning clip, an OffRtg of 112.3, and shooting 49.6% on FGs, are the 2012-2013 Miami Heat.

One memorable moment. You might remember this:

Fourth, with an 81.7% winning percentage, shooting 50.8% from the field, and with an OffRtg of 111.8, are the 1985-86 Boston Celtics.

You might remember them. Guy named Larry something something...

Passing! Sharing! Respect for one's teammates! I sense a certain commonality between all these teams.

Last, at number five, are the... 2015-16 San Antonio Spurs!


Two of the five teams to crack this (kind of random) list are playing this year! How crazy is that?

The Spurs, so far, have won 84.9% of their games, have shot 49.1% from the field, and have an OffRtg of 111.4.

You might know them because of this:

Oh buddy, I love Popovich. Please never change Pop.

So anyways, there it is. Every single one of those teams (excluding this year's Warriors and Spurs) ended up winning the championship.

Are we staring down the barrel of Spurs-Warriors in the Western Conference Finals? Will the Basketball Gods make it so?

I for one would love to see that.

NOTE: Because we were ranking based on OffRtg, we missed three more teams from before the advent of the 3pt shot that actually won > 80% of their games while shooting > 48%. Here's another list, this time ranked in terms of Margin of Victory.

Ah, those dastardly Spurs!

The three other teams:

1971-72 Lakers (won championship):

The 1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks (won championship):

And lastly the 1966-67 76ers (won championship).

So it holds true!! Literally every single team, even before the advent of three point shooting, that has won 80% of their games and shot over 48% from the field has won the championship.

Something's gotta give. There can't be two in one season.

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