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Podcast: Previewing NBA All-Star weekend and more through the lens of the Denver Nuggets

Yup, we went there. Nate, Ivan, and Bram welcome Adam Mares into the podbooth.

Because you can't just talk about the dominance of the Golden State Warriors exclusively, Nate Parham, Bram Kincheloe, and Ivan Bettger take a look around the league and land in Denver, with Denver Stiffs blogger Adam Mares. Adam gives us the expert skinny on Emmanuel Mudiay, Will Barton, Nikola Jokic, and the state of basketball fandom in the Mile High City, while taking a look ahead at NBA All-Star Weekend.

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Annotated talking points

[[NOTE: Add a minute to these timestamps if blogtalkradio inserts a commercial at the beginning]]

  • :16 — How are the Nuggets doing under Mike Malone?
  • 4:04 — Let's talk about Emmanuel Mudiay
  • 6:58 — Mudiay vs. DeAngelo Russell
  • 9:00 — What about Will Barton?
  • 12:05 — Anything to take away from Nuggets playing the Warriors close this season?
  • 13:34 — Nikola Jokic — Adam Mares' unofficial favorite Nugget of all time!
  • 16:45 — Nate tries to bring up the Joe Smith draft again!
  • 17:16 — The outlook of the Nuggets' organization and longterm outlook
  • 20:57 — The huge effect of popular and trustworthy ownership
  • 23:32 — Nuggets at All-Star Weekend, and trouble with attendance numbers in Denver
  • 24:40 — Basketball in a football town
  • 27:00 — Nuggets fandom and its reliance on star players
  • 30:57 — Back to All Star Weekend: high hopes for guys who are playing a part?
  • 33:57 — How does Adam see the Warriors matching up against the other big teams down the stretch?
  • 37:53 — Bram: Popovich is "the trick man. He's tricky. He's full of tricks!"
  • 38:20 — Bram pops the Klay Question

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