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NBA All-Star Saturday 2016 results: Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry become first teammates to win consecutive 3-point contests

The NBA three point title will remain in the Bay Area, but it was a new Golden State Warriors star taking home the title tonight.

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Klay Thompson outshined his Golden State Warriors teammates during NBA All-Star Saturday night festivities as he upset Stephen Curry to win the three point contest title.

Thompson was hot from start to finish as he beat out Curry, teammate and defending champion, to in championship round.

Thompson set the pace to begin the night with 22 points in the first round while Curry had to fight just to get into the second round by hitting the last money ball on the final rack to move on to the second round. But Thompson was even more impressive in the championship round, notching 27 points to edge Curry's 24 points.

But it's Warriors' fans who are once again the big winners here: Thompson and Curry are now the first teammates to win consecutive three point contests in NBA history, which is yet another sign of just how amazing it is to watch this team every night.

Not bad.

Earlier in in the evening, Draymond Green competed in the skills competition and lost in the first round to Karl-Anthony Towns. But given that Towns eventually beat Isaiah Thomas in the finals to win the competition for the bigs, I guess we can say that there's no shame in losing to the eventual champ.

Now, about tying Kevin Hart in a ridiculous can understand how silly that was in any language.

Curry, Thompson, and Green will be making their next appearance in Toronto at tomorrow's NBA All-Star Game.

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