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Recap: Warriors give up huge lead in third, rally back behind Bogut's defense

The Golden State Warriors built up a twenty point lead against Atlanta Hawks by the beginning of the third quarter, only to have it crashing down due to a ferocious comeback led by Dennis Schroder and Al Horford. But thanks to inspiring defense and team play by Andrew Bogut and some key baskets by Stephen Curry, the Warriors secured their 50th win, 102-92.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors have had some pretty huge concentration lapses lately.

Against the Trailblazers, they committed 13 turnovers in the third quarter.  Against the Clippers, they gave up 13 straight points in less than two minutes.  Against the Hawks today, they gave up a twenty point lead in one quarter.

Though the Hawks played amazing, the Warriors looked lethargic and uncommitted.  It might be a simple case of boredom: when everything's going their way, as it was earlier in the night, the Dubs forget what exactly makes them so special.

Most nights, it's Draymond Green's spirit or Stephen Curry's sheer brilliance that saves the Warriors in the end.  Today, it was the underappreciated Andrew Bogut, whose toughness and grit gave the Warriors that iron defense that has been missing at times this season.  Over the final stretch in the fourth quarter, Bogut rallied the team through perfectly timed blocks and crucial rebounds. He ended the game with only three points, but he made his presence felt on every play despite his ailing Achilles, which caused him to sit out last game.

Stephen Curry scored 36 points in a masterful display, and Klay Thompson had 27, but the offense shouldn't be remembered in this game.  The championship defense that allowed only 15 and 17 points in the first and final frames should.

The Takes

I lied.  It's a bunch of Steph.  He was amazing:

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