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The arrogantly bored Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors went up 23 against the Atlanta Hawks, blew the lead, then Stephen Curry shimmied in front of the Hawks bench. I finally have stuff to write about, I guess.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

I need to write more, is what I think to myself every single day. Those Golden State Warriors are one of the greatest teams of all time, blah blah blah, but how many times can I reiterate and fancy up the same old words for you guys? It doesn't get old to read or watch but it's exhausting to write about. Here I am: The First World Problem of Writers.

So here shimmies along Stephen Curry, providing us the material for the next several months, even years, and however long this run is going to last. But let's backtrack a little bit.

The entire season, the Warriors have let slip a couple big leads. Of all their 15+ point leads, of which they never actually lose, they've let eight teams just this season come back and tie or take the lead against them. It isn't so much a matter of turnovers, or missed shots, or any weakness they've shown that's sustainable for the future. It's boredom. The team stops playing as hard as they did during a tie game and simply relaxes for a couple possessions. And against the Hawks, the couple possessions snowballed into a massive Hawks run led by Dennis Schroeder that brought them from that 23-point deficit to a one-point lead in the 4th quarter.

And then it happened. It's happened before and on many an occasion. The bench is known for their variety of hilarious antics; the goggles, the arm cannon, the incessant jumping and running. It's all highly entertaining and what sports is meant to create for everyone involved: fun. The Warriors slowly blew that huge lead, and the bench held off the Hawks just enough until Curry came back in for the finishing blow. And with the final KO came one of the most arrogant (or that is how it will come off as) and highly hilarious and entertaining moment in sports: when a player makes a great play and celebrates in front of the opponent. In this case, the victim was the Hawks bench and Curry shoulder-shimmied his way into the hot takes of this morning.

After the game, Curry admitted that it was meant for one of his closest friends, Kent Bazemore, and nothing more. Of course, a guy who is one of the most likable personalities in all of sports isn't likely lying but you can see where the misconstruism (made this word up, feel free to steal it) comes from. Regardless, it's one of the more controversial aspects of this Warriors team in the past season-plus that's seen nothing but sunshine, rainbows, and broken records.

Bomani Jones over at ESPN has harped over and over again, after he came to terms with how GSW was winning with 3-PT shooting, defense, and fun, that a team needs to essentially put Curry on his bottom to set the tone that there would be zero showboating allowed. It has yet to happen, but it appears that the time is coming closer and closer, regardless of whether it is warranted or not.

There are situations to consider especially in the heat of the moment where an athlete feels they were wrongly danced upon thus leading to ugly fouls and contact. Anything premeditated? That's taking it too far. Take the Denver Nuggets, who Mark Jackson accused of trying to intentionally hurt Steph. Instead, Andre Iguodala, their best player, told Jackson what happened, and seemingly in such a relationship with Steph and GSW that he took less money to go there a season later.

So at the end of the day, to steal from the Great Mark Jackson, the Warriors are the rare team that is taking the notion of fun and permeating it across a team that's so visibly happy to work together, succeed together, and flaunt it out in the open that's never before been witnessed.

There are the Steve Nash Phoenix Suns, maybe the first iteration of the LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers, and who else? The Kobe/Shaq Los Angeles Lakers dealt with each other. The San Antonio Spurs are so workmanlike I just fell asleep writing this sentence. The Boston Celtics were so infused with rage and anger it seemed that fun wasn't allowed so much as relief after success.

So now the Warriors come along, disproving the years and decades of thought that hard work has to be coupled with pain, suffering, and blatant hurt. Perhaps that is the case behind-the-scenes, as it likely is for everyone. But out in the open, on the open court that the Warriors completely dominate and destroy opponents on, the Warriors shimmy, celebrate, smile and play the game of basketball the way five-year-olds do: for fun. Sooner or later, opponents are going to hate this, misconstrue this as something else, but it might not matter very long .

The Warriors win again, after the Curry shimmy, move to 50-5, and are on the precipice of something greater than anyone could have ever imagined. Fortunately for them, they're having a ball doing it.

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