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Stephen Curry leads Golden State Warriors past Orlando Magic, 130-114

Curry breaks another record, scores 51 to destroy Orlando.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

1st Quarter

Andrew Bogut continues to find Stephen Curry in stride with low, back-door, bounce passes. He twice found Steph in as many minutes for wide open layups.

The 20 year-old Aaron Gordon attacked Draymond on both ends with gusto, aggressively matching his strength. Green looked like he had to really get up for this game, slow-footed and obviously winded. Gordon played him physically off the ball and looked to wear him down. Draymond had 4 rebounds in 32 minutes.

Vucevic is a tough cover for Bogut. Although he shot a bad percentage (7-17), he showed that he's capable of initiating his offense well beyond 15 feet - taking Bogs away from the defensive goal.

As if there needed to be any further confirmation of his godly talent, Stephen Curry broke the record for most consecutive games with a made 3-pointer, at 128 games.

Evan Fournier is proving to be a versatile offensive player who can be effective at many different gears, and score over our plethora of defensive wing options. He uses craftiness to create shot opportunities.

Varejao and Bogut are looking interchangeable passing the ball. Andy V found Barbosa for a backdoor layup with a laser left hand pass. Leandro came down the next possession and scored another lay-up. He energized the offense when the subs came in.

Anderson looks very patient with the ball in his hands, wisely initiating his passes. He poked the ball out of Vucevic's grasp for a one-on-one steal. He's very active, even at this age. Looks healthy. Should really help the team about 5 games in.

The Warriors are struggling to turn the water off. Magic are shooting 50% overall.

- Varejao ran the floor and hit a very smooth reverse lay-in. Then Anderson hit Curry for an And-1 finish at the rim to cap off the quarter. AV has an excellent understanding of the game. 

Warriors 33 - Orlando 30

2nd Quarter

- Mo scores the first bucket of the 2nd quarter. Hits another deep jumper the next minute. (6-8 FG's)

- Fournier answers. The Warriors are volleying here.

- Igoudala made another appearance attacking the rim. He drove baseline and cradled the ball for a wraparound lay up. He made a tough finish last night against Miami. Maybe this will spur some more finishing at the basket for him.

- Speights hits his 3rd jumper. He's playing well at center. Even contesting some shots. Warriors force 24 second violation with Mo as the final man to rotate. Good defense.

Jim Barnett thinks Aaron Gordon can be better than Blake. I concur.

Key point: Bogut draws a charge on Vucevic. Magic call time. Warriors tie game after uncomfortably hanging around a 5 point spread. 6:00 mark.

Vucevic and Thompson exchange jumpers. Bogut gets the last laugh and finds Curry for an open 3. In one possession, Barnes collected two offensive rebounds and recycled the ball. Draymond ended up going to the line and converted both free throws.

Warriors have 12 TO's and the 1st half isn't over yet. Both teams are efficient scoring.

Draymond has only taken one three, but has gone to the rim four times. He recognized he had Vucevic on the mismatch, and took him to the cup with a lefty lay-in to end the 2nd quarter.

Overall, the Warriors looked tired. They were able to match the scoring pace of the Magic, but could not stop Orlando's offense, and were very sloppy taking care of the ball.

Draymond has 4 turnovers at the half and he's -10 on the court. His jumper is flat and he looks tired.

The Magic's physical brand is not giving the Warriors a chance to find second wind.

Orlando is relentless in their interior attack. The officiating has favored their approach.

3rd quarter

Curry opens 2nd half aggressively - he's looking to take over the game. Green got himself  to the line again. (4-7 Ft's)

- Bogut stripped Vucevic and Curry hits a 3 on the other end. Klay continues to shoot poorly.

- Payton makes two tough finishes. He looks like he's evolving into a very good player on the drive.

- Draymond finds Bogut with an alley-oop on the fast break. Next possession, Warriors get a stop - push pace off rebound, find Harrison for 3. Tie game at 73.

- Tough dive and scramble for the ball by Gordon. Saves possession and finds Payton while laying on his back. Elfrid gets 3 after loose ball.

- Oladipo has guarded Curry (30 pts at 6 min mark) all game. Payton takes his turn. Curry goes backdoor on Elfrid, scores reverse lay up.

*So far - Warriors 8/12 FGs  Magic 6/9 FGs

Curry is a one man wrecking crew tonight. 35 points on 14-19 FG's in 27 mins. He's 7-11 from 3-pts. His clinic has put Warriors ahead by 7.  Anderson Varejao likes to go for a lot of steals. Calculates risk well.

- Steph hits Varejao for the 3 point And-1 play. Anderson looks like an ingenious fit tonight in the absence of Ezeli. Legitimate 3-man center rotation the Warriors now boast. Throw Mo Buckets in as trigger-happy counter.

- Curry has 43 points. 24 in the quarter. Oh my God. Curry hits half court shot to end 3rd. Banks it in. 46 points for the MVP.

*Curry career stats: 9 40-point games in career. 10 this season. Eight 20-point quarters this year.

4th quarter.

Speights is busting shots from all over the top of the key. He's on fire. 6-7 FG's.

- Warriors taking much better care of the ball.

Dubs keeping a healthy 10 point spread thanks to shooting of Speights and more focused defense from 2nd unit. Igoudala leading the charge.

-Shawn continues to take and make big shots down the stretch - the Magic pulled to within 7, then Livingston makes it 9 with a sailing, 16-foot, leaning jumper. Tough, tough shot. Warriors then get a stop, HB comes down and scores reverse, gliding lay-in. Warriors stop yet them again next defensive possession. Igoudala runs it back for fake behind-the-back pass to Shawn, dishes no look to Thompson, on his right, for a consecutive fast break score. Magic call timeout, lead pushed to 13. Livingston shifted the momentum here.

**League stats: Warriors 1st in fast-break three pointer's with 111. Rockets second in league with 66.

- Harrison Barnes hits very patient, triple threat pull up jumper from 17 feet. He joins three Warriors in double-figures with his 10th point.

Curry checks back in. Magic send 3 defenders at him. Kerr laughs.

- Draymond hits another And -1 - his second of the game.

- Bogut has 12 points with dunk from Green. Very active game offensively for Andrew (6-7 FG's).

- Curry goes behind the back and sends Dray to the line again.

- Curry hits 10th 3-pointer. 49 its now. Magic team 3's: 10.

- Curry has 51 points!!! Last Warrior since Rick Barry to have three 50 point games in a season.

Kevon Looney and Brandon Rush came into the game with 90 seconds remaining. When the buzzer sounded, Rush looked at Kevon told him, "Good game." Looney laughed and returned the sentiment.


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