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Recap: Stephen Curry is a god among men

Stephen Curry went off for 51 points and 11 three-pointers, tying his career high, as the Golden State Warriors beat the Washington Wizards 134-121. Although Draymond Green quietly racked up a triple-double, the team played sloppily, giving up too many turnovers, fast break opportunities, and easy shots. But tonight it didn't matter: the Warriors with peak Steph are impossible to beat.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

This is probably the angriest I've been at the end of a game with a Warriors win inevitable.

Having made 11 threes late in the fourth, Stephen Curry never shot another, missing out on a rare opportunitiy to tie the current NBA record for threes in a game, 12.  Going off for 7 threes in the first quarter, Steph began the game on a tear, scoring 25 in the first period. He later told Jim Barnett that he wanted to atone for his poor shooting performance against the Knicks on Sunday.

But despite Steph's amazing shooting night, the Wizards never gave up.  They kept finding steals and beat the Warriors on the fast break consistently.  Thanks to John Wall's 41 points and 10 assists, they kept within striking distance the entire game, even closing the deficit to two in the third quarter. Steve Kerr cannot be happy with his team allowing 121 points on 50% shooting.

Other than Steph, Draymond Green's 12 points, 10 boards, 12 assists, and five blocks were crucial on both ends.  Although Klay Thompson scored 24 points, the rest of team didn't contribute well: Harrison Barnes had a disappointing game, Marreese Speights couldn't fulfill Festus Ezeli's defensive role, and Leandro Barbosa in particular had no chance against Wall.

The Warriors visit the White House and President Obama tomorrow, and play against the Thunder in Oracle Arena on Saturday.  It's time to show Kevin Durant what he's missing out on.

The Takes

The Clips

It seems like everybody's done trying to rationalize the Warriors' success.

Closing Thoughts

  • Turnovers: Steph had seven, and Dray had four.  The team had 18 total on the night, which isn't terrible, but it felt a lot worse.
  • 16-29 on free throws is atrocious.  Even Steph missed one, and usual culprits Andre Iguodala and Andrew Bogut only made a combined 1-8.
  • Wizards Twitter reported that John Wall probably had the best game of his career.  That guy has mad explosion with the ball.
  • Kerr's bench rotations honestly haven't been much better than Luke Walton's.  Missing Festus hurts, but the second unit is still fishing for buckets.
  • Steph's going to break the record for most threes in a game eventually, right? DONYELL MARSHALL hit twelve threes in a game once, DONYELL MARSHALL!
  • #FutureWarrior Kevin Durant in town Saturday, after hitting a game-winner tonight. We've always said we need another shooter...

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