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Stephen Curry posts hilarious Crying Jordan meme after Panthers' Super Bowl loss

Stephen Curry is literally out to beat Michael Jordan, become best social media.

In case you've been living under a rock, the Carolina Panthers lost Super Bowl 50 to the Denver Broncos. Old man Manning was just effective enough to let his defense win the game for him.

Before the game -- before Carolina's harshest realities came to fruition -- Stephen Curry was pumped. Look at him, swinging that thing like a lumberjack!


I'm not gonna lie, how sick would it be if he did this before big Warriors games?! Or if we brought back "Thunder." the masked man to bang some giant gong. Wait, didn't Nate Parham or someone else have this exact same idea? Except that the gong would be rung every time the Small Ball Death Lineup entered a game?

So, so deeply on board (still) with this idea.

/Begin scene:

Saturday night. Oracle is going crazy. Kerr turns to bench, winks. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Harrison Barnes, and Draymond Green rise from their seats. The lights all dim, except for a single spotlight, which shines into an upper section of the arena. The crowd hushes, whispering in frightful anticipation. As the players make their way to the court, Thunder appears from an inner chamber of the arena. Appears like smoke on a wet day, rising from the ground. He turns into the over-brilliant spotlight, salutes the crowd, unsheathes a giant billyclub-sized beater. A fifteen foot tall gong is dramatically backlit, glowing yellow and blue. Shimmering in the sudden silence. The masked creature bows to the gong, takes a step back to steady his footing, and then unfurls a single, crushing blow. The sound resonates throughout the cavernous space. People's teeth chatter with the reverberations. The enemy, sensing imminent defeat, frantically tries to adjust their lineup. To no avail. The masked man turns back to the crowd, bows once more, resheaths his billyclub mallet, and disappears back into his inner sanctum. Waiting until he is needed, waiting until the next time he has to answer that fateful call.

As the lights come back to normal, the sound system blares to life. This comes over the speakers as play resumes. They let the entire track play.

When the song finishes, the Warriors are up by 20 points.

/End scene

Whew! Okay, glad we got that out of our system. Anyways, unfortunately for Curry (and all other Panthers' fans), Von Miller and co were not down with losing.

After the game, Stephen was crushed. Luckily, he has a beautiful sense of humor:

Life is a complicated web of interwoven moments, emotions, and acts. Luckily, the Jordan Meme is here for you, no matter the situation.

Sorry for the loss, Steph. Now on to the Houston game.

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