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Recap: Steph-less Warriors scrap out overtime victory against the Hawks

No Steph? No problem, as the Warriors played sloppy, gritty, and courageously as they won their second overtime game in a row, 109-105.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This was a terrible game.

Without Stephen Curry, the Warriors have had problems all season scoring the ball: the ball movement isn't as crisp, the spacing isn't nearly as consistent, and every bucket seems a little bit lucky. Playing today without Andre Iguodala as well, the Warriors lacked ballhandling and playmaking at two positions.

The expected problems weren't just there today, they were screaming in our faces. Us Warriors fans have been spoiled lately by the team's usual magical shenanigans, but on days without the team's best player, we get glimpses of what it's like to be a fan of a "normal" franchise. Namely, it's frustrating and ugly.

But even without Steph, the Warriors have something most teams don't: a tremendous courage and will to win. Even if the execution was at times horrifying, the team put together a group effort that would make any coach proud. Especially when the game went into overtime, the players found ways to make their ridiculous shots, get stops defensively, and get the Oracle crowd involved. Though nobody (other than Andrew Bogut) played well even 50% of the time, the Dubs got enough from across the roster to secure the victory and extend their home win streak.

This was a great win.

The Takes

The Clips

Closing Thoughts

  • As you can see from the highlights above, all of the highlights that happened tonight required insane feats of grits and incredible luck. You don't find this type of hustle nowadays, only back in the 1980's, I tell you...
  • Andrew Bogut was fantastic, finishing with a season-high 19 points and 7 boards, along with great defense and clutch free-throw shooting. Klay Thompson and Draymond Green were consistently able to find him for lobs and feeds near the basket for easy buckets.
  • 18 offensive boards tonight for the Dubs.  Though he looked off tonight, Harrison Barnes had six of them!
  • Leandro Barbosa looked like an out-of-control Steph for a bit tonight. It was amazing.
  • Marreese Speights hit two consecutive threes tonight, blocked Al Horford, and looked incompetent literally every other second he was on the floor.
  • Klay and Draymond were cold as can be tonight, but they found some luck in overtime.  No victory tonight without their leadership down the stretch.

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