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A look at Marreese Speights' crazy-awesome quarterbacking skills

After throwing the touchdown pass in last night's win over the Jazz, we take a look at Mo Bucket's football-throwing brilliance.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Marreese Speights-- affectionately known to Warriors fans as Mo Buckets, Mo BUX, or just MO!!! -- has a secret skill set.

He is a straight up nasty quarterback.

Did you see what he did last night vs. the Utah Jazz? With time winding down in the third quarter, Mo spotted Leandro Barbosa streaking down the court and hit him with the perfect over-the-shoulder pass. Some straight up Aaron Rodgers stuff.

Dig it:

And that wasn't even the first time he'd showed his touchdown-arm this season. Heck it was barely the first time this week!!

Well, "sure," you might say. "Let me see him do that with an actual football and I'll think about jumping on this Mo Bux as quarterback bandwagon."

In fact, that's what I said. And then I saw this:

Waaaaait, WHAT? For another video from that day, check out this awesome Fanshot from UnRec'able.

Klay Thompson is on board with the movement as well. I mean, now that Brock Whatshisface jumped ship and signed with the Houston Texans, the Broncos' starting QB spot is wide open.

Plus, his technique is FLAWLESS.

Just look at that face! He's ready for the gridiron!

So, we know Mo can throw a football insanely far, we know has pinpoint accuracy, and we know has the backing of his teammates to make a run at an NFL spot. What does he think about all that?


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