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Join the Golden State of Mind 2016 NCAA March Madness bracket!

Sign up today to join the GSoM 2016 NCAA March Madness bracket! While you are watching potential Warriors draft picks light it up during the tournament, compete with the rest of the community for the best bracket!

It is that time of year again, when even the most casual NBA fan becomes a college basketball fan and joins the madness....

How could we all forget? When Stephen Curry lit up the NCAA tournament in 2008, it signaled the birth of a superstar. Now, once again, the month of March will be the platform for the next generation of NBA superstars to shine in prime time. As you are watching the games looking for the next great Warriors sleeper draft pick, why not compete against your fellow Warriors fans in some March Madness fun?

We here at GSoM want our community to join us in seeing who out of you has the best picks for the coming tournament. Check out the link here:

NOTE: Deadline to complete bracket is March 17 12:15pm EDT.

Here are the basic rules:

  • The pool will be done for fun - no cash prizes. With that said, we will be talking about the high scores and competition as the tournament goes on, so don't do it for the cash, do it for the fame!
  • With that said... there MIGHT (hint hint--wink wink) be some swag coming to the winners, to be announced later.
  • We will have one bracket per person, however you can invite as many people as you want. Your momma, your sister, your girlfriend/boyfriend - bring em all! The more the merrier!

Join today! And if you are looking for helps making your picks, Draymond Green can always offer his advice:

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