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Andrew Bogut insinuates that Damian Lillard's play was "reckless"

The Golden State Warriors center has a pointed opinion about the play that caused Andre Iguodala's ankle injury.

Andrew Bogut has always been opinionated.
Andrew Bogut has always been opinionated.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to BornInDaEB for calling attention to this via his fanshot!

Looks like everyone's favorite Aussie, Andrew Bogut, may have a new theory about Andre Iguodala's ankle injury. Bogut appears to imply that Portland Trailblazers star Damian Lillard made a reckless (dirty?) play on the ball. At the same time, Bogut is defensive about the "top 5 dirty" players, whoever they are.

A little more digging gives us this Los Angeles Times piece from two months ago: the top five dirtiest players in the NBA. Coincidentally, three of the five are from down under: Andrew Bogut, Matthew Dellavedova (Australia) and Steven Adams (New Zealand).

If you watch the game clip below, you can see Damian Lillard make an aggressive reach for the ball. However, Iguodala appears to cut Lillard off from the ball as the Portland guard goes to the ground. Then Lillard's right arm grasps around Iguodala's left leg, at which point Iguodala begins to go to the ground as well. At the end of the fall, Lillard rolls onto Iguodala's tangled foot, causing the sprain that will sideline him for at least two weeks.

Depending on your perspective, you can see this in one of two ways...

(1) Damian Lillard tried to secure possession, and got cut short, so he attempted to drag down Iguodala, and muck up the scramble just enough to give a teammate (or himself) an opportunity to secure the ball. Or...

(2) Damian Lillard tried to grasp at the ball, which forced him to reach around Iguodala's leg. This action accidentally caused Iguodala to fall.

It's a big stretch to suggest that Lillard intentionally injured Iguodala, and that's not an assumption worth making. Bogut said the play was reckless, and deserves further scrutiny (scrutiny that he, or another "dirty" player would have received). What do you think? Is Bogut right? Or is it even worse than reckless play?

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