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Warriors vs. Pelicans GameThread: Celebrating Western Conference Player of the Week Stephen Curry on his birthday

The Warriors host the Pelicans tonight at 7:30 p.m. PST.

Elsa/Getty Images

Tonight should be yet another special night as the Golden State Warriors will host the New Orleans Pelicans on Stephen Curry's 28th birthday.

The NBA already shared a gift with Curry, awarding him the Western Conference Player of the Week award earlier this afternoon.

So let's just unofficially make this Stephen Curry Day. Thankfully, a few of you have helped us celebrate with a string of FanShots celebrating Curry.

Drunk Tool Writes to Deadspin and Calls Steph "Garbage Human Being"

Scottie Pippen: Steph is Best Shooter Ever

30 Facts About Number 30

15 Steph Facts for Steph's Bday

Why scouts botched it so bad on Steph in the 2009 draft

Curry's Haters Should Look in the Mirror

Why is Steph Curry so rude? LOL!

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