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Who is more exciting: Kristaps Porzingis or Stephen Curry?

Seth Rosenthal, from Posting and Toasting, joins Nate and Bram to discuss the upcoming Warriors-Knicks game. All #Porzingis, all the time.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

SBNationNBA writer Seth Rosenthal joins the guys to discuss a slew of fun topics including his obsession with Kristaps Porzingis, the "megaphone" that is NY sports media, the enduring allure of the Knicks, and much more (lots of Warriors talk as well)!

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:45 - Knicks as a roller coaster

2:50 - KRISTAPS!

6:25 - Kristaps is Seth's illegitamate son.

9:30 - Warriors vs. Knicks matchup.

13:00 - The enduring allure of the Knicks.

23:20 - Next coach in MSG?

27:00 - Putting this Warriors season in perspective.

31:00 - Ye olde Klay Thompson question.

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