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Happy St. Patrick's Day and happy March Madness (the Warriors have ruined everything)

Oh, what a happy day!

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

So, I'm going to keep this short because I'm running out the door to go watch some sloppy college basketball at my favorite local hole-in-the-wall-watering-hole.

Today is a great day. Today is a momentous day.

Why? You ask?

Today we witness the holy union of FIRST DAY OF MARCH MADNESS and ST. PATRICK'S DAY aka, "All y'all bartenders in midtown Manhattan are gonna make some frickin mooooooonnnneeeeeyy today."

What could be more perfect than an army of truant office workers clashing with a horde of drunken, green-covered nineteen year-olds? All set against a backdrop of (usually) bad basketball played out for 12 hours on four channels!

All hail the crush of humanity! All bow before the onrush of green-dyed beer! The swirling masses tripping over one another, ordering shots, cheering overly-loud for teams they know nothing about! Dancing across the stage of life like a drunken riverdancer wearing a business suit!

Needless to say, I'm saying way the hell away from Manhattan. No way am I braving that particular tempest.

But, as I watch these games, I can't help but think of the Warriors. Can't help but compare.

Luckily, I am not alone in this feeling.

I retweeted this over at @unstoppablebaby, and got some pretty hilarious responses.


So what if we are spoiled rotten? It's not every year that the first day of March Madness coincides with St. Patricks Day. [[The world's collective livers raise hands and give thanks]]

So here I go, out into the street. I'm gonna watch some awkward basketball and try to avoid the masses.

I'll tip a pint back for ya.

Note: Don't forget to check in on our GSOM March Madness bracket! My (horrible) bracket is definitely, totally not going to win!

Also, feel free to use this as a GameThread for tonight's NCAA games.

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