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Warriors at Spurs: Andrew Bogut out for Golden State in San Antonio

The Warriors will face the Spurs tonight at 5:30 p.m. PST without a few key players.

Image by BornInDaEB.

The Golden State Warriors will face the Spurs in San Antonio shortly but will do so without the services of Andrew Bogut, as expected.

Bogut suffered a sprained left toe against the Dallas Mavericks last night, was listed as doubtful shortly after the game, and was ruled out this afternoon.

Meanwhile, the Spurs are doing alright.

All this means is that the Warriors really have nothing to lose and only confidence to gain tonight. And the way they've played so far this season, that seems like a recipe for something exciting even if they take a loss.

Most importantly, I can finally use the Hoops Wars graphic that GSoM user BornInDaEB posted as a FanPost.

For more on how Bogut got that injury, click here.

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