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This Warriors season has been a complete blast

Let's take a step back and enjoy what we've had so far.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Recently, while scrolling through @unstoppablebaby's mentions on twitter, I came across this very simple request:

You know what, Richard Wallace, this one's for you.


Has it been this much fun?


Oh. My. Lord. That video is frickin amazing. I'm still laughing.

So, anyways, moving right along.

The team by the bay has become a deep part of the national consciousness. Stephen Curry is the most famous basketball player on the planet. Every night is a circus. The lights are bright. The tent has been erected, the crowd has arrived. The tightrope walkers are warming up and the elephants are calling to one another in the wings.

When the Warriors visit another city, young boys and young girls and men and women and probably some extraterrestrials (you know they're curious as well) come early to watch Stephen Curry warm up. They come early, crowd the courtside seats, and just gawk in awe.

This season has been supremely fun. This season has been surreality incarnate.

Richard Wallace, you hit it on the head. You made me take a step back. As you said, "Def champs, league MVP, home record, etc." Yup, I've enjoyed it all.

On June 25th, 2009, when the Golden State Warriors selected Stephen Curry with the seventh pick, who would have thought things could possibly get to this point?

Not me.

So, let's all just raise our hands, look to the sky, and be thankful for this season.

Side note: Oh man, now I'm just watching endless roller coaster reaction videos. Damn you Richard Wallace, this is all your fault.

What has this season meant to you? Tell me all about it down below!

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