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NBA News: Craig Sager's cancer has returned

Horrible news came across the wire late last night.

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Sager, reporting from the NCAA Men's Tournament.
Sager, reporting from the NCAA Men's Tournament.
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Beloved sideline reporter and former broadcaster Craig Sager revealed that his leukemia has returned.

In an HBO interview last night, Sager explained that his cancer, which caused him to miss much of the 2014 and 2015 NBA seasons, was no longer in remission. Previously, two stem-cell transplants and a bone marrow transplant from his son, Craig Sager Jr., helped the recognizable Sager, Sr. make a speedy recovery.

Fans instantly know Sager by his garish attire and his oftentimes hilarious head coach interviews between quarters on TNT. Having started in sports broadcasting back in the 1970s, he's a bit of a throwback to a time when velvet suits and two-tone lapels were slightly less shocking to look at. More importantly, he's a throwback to a time when sports, and basketball in particular, didn't take itself quite so seriously. Regardless of the drama on the court, the game wasn't the life or death struggle the media often believes it to be. It can be helpful to remember that when we're faced with something much more serious.

Please join us here at Golden State of Mind in wishing Sager a speedy recovery, and many healthy years ahead as America's Sideline Reporter. Get well soon, Craig!

Sager's backstory more colorful than his clothes

Sager's wardrobe (images)


It is with great sadness that I post the following update to this story. Ugh. Heartbreaking. Thoughts with the whole family right now.

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