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Golden State of Mind March Madness update: 2016 NBA Draft prospects to watch during the Sweet 16

Thanks to all that joined our March Madness challenge here with Golden State of Mind! We look at the competition, as well as an update on which prospects are making moves in the tournament!

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Hey there Golden State of Mind Community! I wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone who joined our competition for March Madness Bracket Busting! We had 25 entries into the bracket (standings can be found here: and the competition is getting hot and heavy. We love any time the community can come together, and what a better chance than when March is upon us and we are all looking for the next NBA superstar flying through the tournament.

Our current standings are:

  1. Jess McCauley - Jess is killing it at the top of the standings, getting a whopping 38 picks correct through the first two rounds. While she leads, she still holds a relatively low total points possible; she (like many) had Michigan St going all the way, and can only top out with her score so far. 3 of her 4 Final Four spots are still alive, so lets hope they carry through!
  2. Jeff Cheal (THIS GUY!!) - I, like Jess before me, had pretty good luck in the first two rounds, however I am currently staring at a very different Final Four. I need Wisconsin to make it over NC to beat Jess, lets go Badgers!
  3. Fritz & Tom Deeper - Both Fritz and Tom are two points off the pace, however are in very different situations. Tom actually still holds the best possible score total at a whopping 159 possible left. He has done this by having all 4 of his Final Four still around and even his National Champ pick (Carolina). Fritz has an identical top bracket to Jess, so lets hope that his middle picks are better than their final picks
Honorable Mention: Titus and PeterO are slightly back in the rankings, but still hold some of the best possible point totals. Even Hayden back in 10th still hold their complete Final Four still on the books, so this is anyone's game!

We are looking forward to the weekends action to know more about how the rankings will stack up!

Prospects to Watch

The Big Lead did a wonderful breakdown on "Draft Stock Up/Down" that everyone should check out. For Warriors fans, we are looking at late 1st round/2nd round steals that the team can move around to pick up. The Warriors seem set in the front court for years to come, but what about back up guards? While we would love to dream about lottery picks, here a few lower round gems that might be on our radar with their tournament performances:

  • Thomas Walkup (SF Austin) - as Golden State looks at back up PG minutes from Ian Clark, we can dream about a young guard who can handle the rock falling in the draft to the second round. Walkup from Stephen F Austin is a player. He has a motor to match, was the heart of his team on the floor, and would be a great character guy just because of his character.  He needs to work on his shooting, reminds many of Aaron Craft, but is a bit larger of a body and could make waves
  • Melo Trimble (Maryland) - The article says Trimble's stock is down, but I still love the guy if he goes in the draft.  I think he has the tools to compete in the NBA (you might disagree, and thats ok), and right now he is falling into the late 1/early 2 category which is great for Warriors fans.
  • Grayson Allen (Duke) - He is undersized, but you love to hate him. Allen will fall to the end of the 1st for the same reason J.J. Redick did. Allen is actually taller than Redick, and will develop much of the same game. His shooting will help someone in the NBA, and could fit fantastically well.

When we update the standings next week before the Final Four, we will look at potential Small Forward options for the Warriors based on the tournament (Taurean Prince from Baylor?), but for now set your schedules for the games and enjoy!

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