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GSoM Exclusive: Chris Broussard talks Warriors-Clippers matchup

Sportswriter and ESPN NBA Analyst Chris Broussard chats with Andrew Flohr of Golden State of Mind about rivalries in the NBA, Golden State's injuries and more.

Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

NBA analyst Chris Broussard joins the GSoM community to break down tonight's matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers. Here are some excepts from his conversation with GSoM's own Andrew Flohr. The interview in its entirety can be heard below.

AF: Where does the Warriors - Clippers matchup rank in terms of best rivalries in today's NBA?

CB: "The one thing about this rivalry is that it has never really happened on the big stage. You could say Golden State - Cleveland, maybe that's a budding rivalry as there is a good chance that they will meet in the Finals again. But then you say ok this isn't really a rivalry, its more of Steph Curry and LeBron playing for who's the best player in the world.

Warriors - Clippers is as good as it gets, in terms of a rivalry at this point in the NBA. If you wanted to reach you could call the Spurs and Warriors a rivalry, but there is not that dislike there."

AF: No Bogut, No Ezeli tonight. How does this lack of front court size and depth effect the Warriors game plan coming into tonight's game against the Clippers?

CB: "An interesting thing is that the Clippers will tell you, that when Blake Griffin was healthy and they played big against the Warriors, they matched up well. Where they struggled against Golden State is when the Warriors went small and they just couldn't match up.

Since Blake [Griffin] has been out, the Clippers have had to go small and they feel like they've gotten much better at it. And when he [Griffin] comes back they feel like they will be able to play [both] big and small. Tonight will be a really nice test for them to see if their small lineup is really as legit as they think it is"

AF: Andre Iguodala is out for the Warriors as well. Stats don't really paint the full picture of how important Igodala is to the Warriors. What makes him so valuable to this team?

CB: His versatility. He really is in the perfect situation. He's a great passer for his position. He's a guy who is an unselfish player. He's a slasher and he's actually become a much better three-point shooter and that has been huge for him this season. And obviously he's a great defender. So all of those things fit perfectly into the Warriors system.

A lot of teams are trying to copycat the Warriors because they are the ones winning now, but you can't because other teams just don't have the personnel. Not only do other teams not have the plethora of shooters that the Warriors have, but they also don't have the number of guys who are playmakers.

:27 - Warriors - Clippers rivalry

3:24 - Warriors' game plan vs. Clippers without Bogut and Ezeli

5:40 - Iguodala's importance to Golden State

8:40 - Draymond Green's three-point shooting

10:30 - What can we expect when Blake Griffin returns

12:00 - How do the Clippers beat the Warriors tonight?

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