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Podcast: Warriors dominate rival Clippers on road toward immortality. Also, LeBron James.

With just 11 games to go in the season, the Golden State Warriors are just nine wins away from the all-time single-season wins record. Will they get there? Should they try?

And have we absolutely left the Los Angeles Clippers in the dust behind us on this road? We explore how Mark Jackson helped foster a once-heated rivalry and why it has since fizzled out.

Also: are the Cleveland Cavaliers still the odds-on favorite to make the Finals, in light of the recent LeBron James reports and rumors?

All that and more, in this episode of Golden State of Mindcast!

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  • 1:28 — Our confidence level for Warriors finishing 9-2 or better for the all-time record
  • 5:20 — Remaining season schedule, and also "Lance Stephenson: God Mode"
  • 7:56 — Tangent on the Washington Wizards, leading to a couple of Bram trade propositions that leave Nate apoplectic
  • 9:45 — ... and now Nate is ranting against Harrison Barnes
  • 10:24 — Checking in on David Lee
  • 13:06 — Warriors-Clippers recap: death of the rivalry and how Mark Jackson's absence relates
  • 21:24 — Who's the Warriors' Dread Pirate Roberts if the Clippers have been left in the wake?
  • 24:26 — Are the Cavs still the likely Finals opponent as LeBron James confuses us with cryptic Twitter business? What about Toronto?
  • 30:08 — Is it possible that LeBron leaves the Cavs in the summer, again? Digging into Ethan Sherwood Strauss' article about Nike

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