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Podcast: Trouble in Dub Nation? Draymond Green blowup and the "scuffling" Warriors

The Golden State of Mindcast crew tries to get to the bottom of the Draymond Green halftime dustup during the Oklahoma City Thunder game. Will it affect the team going forward? And does he have a point about Steve Kerr limiting his shots and turning him into an actual robot?

Other topics on this episode include comparing Stephen Curry to Michael Jordan; steroids; and who we'd rather watch: the Thunder or the Spurs.

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  • 0:37 — Draymond Green halftime blowup. We try to get to the heart of _why_ it happened.
  • 11:49 — Are the recent struggles something to worry about?
  • 17:14 — We really start to talk about Curry/Jordan comparisons. The words "extraterrestrial" and "superhuman" are used. Also, Allen Iverson!
  • 23:40 — Road weary Warriors
  • 26:26 — The dynamic of players' legacies from different eras
  • 29:02 — Steph is tiny and there's no way he's on steroids! What were we talking about again?
  • 30:11 — Do the Warriors have another gear that kicks in for the 73-win record? Or are they already there?
  • 33:01 — Previewing Thursday's Oklahoma City Thunder matchup
  • 38:57 — Would you rather watch GSW-OKC or GSW-SAS?

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