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Seven games stand between the Golden State Warriors and (regular season) immortality

Can the Warriors pull the 73-win rabbit out of the hat?

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I've never hiked the Muir trail. I've never ridden a bicycle across the continental United States. I've never run a marathon, and I've never fasted for a week.

But, I can imagine that, upon nearing the end of any of those tasks, you might feel pretty damn giddy.

Seven games left. That's it. We slogged through 75 of the season's 82 games and now there are only seven. A measly, tiny little seven. One game for each of Snow White's vertically-challenged friends. One game for each day of the week. One game for each of the deadly sins.

After this seven, we'll all be able to move on. After this seven, one way or another, the Warriors will have either surpassed, tied, or fallen short of the 1995-96 Bulls' record. And then. boy howdy, we can stop talking about the "mythical 73."

So, let's take a quick look at the seven games that stand before us. (As I type this, I notice it is 70 degrees in NYC. Coincidence? I think not.)

#1 - April 1st vs. Celtics (in Oakland)

My prediction: Warriors finally have some rest in their bellies. They've braved the Salt Lake City altitude, the back-to-back,  and the end-of-season malaise. Feeling the need to (for some strange reason) avenge the memory of David Lee, Draymond Green posts a triple double and does a lot of screaming. Warriors fight off a tough Boston squad and win by five.

#2 - April 3rd vs. Trailblazers (in Oakland)

Prediction: Damian Lillard has yet another spectacular game. The Trailblazers push the Warriors all the way to the edge, but Steph refuses to lose at home and hits a ridiculous behind-the-back-horse-shot from 73 feet away as time expires. Warriors win by two.

#3 - April 5th vs. Timberwolves (in Oakland)

Prediction: Man, for whatever reason this game scares me. Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins have played the Warriors tough every time this year. Hmmm, first home loss of the season? (thinking...) Nah, Warriors win by fifteen.

#4 - April 7th vs. Spurs (in Oakland)

Prediction: Final game of the four game homestand. The Warriors will be in full on 73-win mode. I think the Spurs rest everyone. For that matter, Tony Parker also thinks that Pop will rest everyone now that the Spurs have locked up the two-seed for the playoffs. I think the Warriors face an unexpected challenge from Boban Marjanovic and crew but prevail. Warriors by six. Although, in the spirit of sevens, this would be the trap game. Everyone resting, and still somehow manage to blow it. Dammit, moving on.

#5 - April 9th vs. Grizzlies (in Memphis)

Prediction: Okay, I'm calling it. The Warriors at this point (assuming they win each preceding game) would be 72-7, having already tied the Bulls with three games remaining in which to break the record. I think they get straight blown out in this game. Going with the gut on this one. Warriors lose by twenty.

#6 - April 10th vs. Spurs (in San Antonio)

Predicition: Part of the preceding night's blowout can be attributed to the fact that the Warriors have had this game circled in their minds for quite some time. I think they come out firing against a Spurs team that is resting most starters. The Dubs go up big, early, and never look back en route to setting the all-time single season record. Also, San Antonio's home winning streak is broken. Smiles and congratulations are exchanged in the visitors' locker room post game.

#7 - April 13th vs. Grizzlies (in Oakland)

Prediction: In the final game of the season, having set the record already, Kerr rests most of the starters. The Grizzlies blow out the Warriors again, because why not? The Dubs narrowly miss becoming the first team to go undefeated at home. But, hey.

Stats and assorted facts to back up my predictions:

And this:

And lastly, of course this:

Side note: If the Warriors somehow win the championship again, I want Draymond to go to the parade in that same leather jacket/circle sunglasses/kangol hat outfit.

Anyways, watch out for them sevens, y'all.

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