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We Believe: Welcome back (to the NBA, sort of) Baron Davis!

Baron runs and guns and dunks!!! Let's welcome him back to the NBA, almost.

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Baron Davis, the bearded wonder, has returned to professional basketball. At 36 years old, you might ask, "Why?"

Well, this is why:

Yo! Baron! That was nasty. Also, tangent: ESPN's headline for that video was "Baron Davis makes a Curry-esque 3" in case you needed further proof that Stephen Curry owns the world right now.

Here are the full highlights from Baron's first D League game:

It is hilarious to me that Boom Dizzle is playing on the 87ers, being that he is, in fact approximately 87 years old. JOKING.

Just joking.

But he is, I would guess, at LEAST 8.7 years older than a normal member of the 76ers.

/Looks it up.


(Image via

But, regardless... Welcome back Baron Davis!!! We've missed you.

We missed this:

And we missed this:

And we DEFINITELY missed this:


/takes a breath, quickly, sucking in air to recover, begins again


You might ask? What more does Baron need to prove? Why does he need to make a comeback attempt? Will he soar to great heights? Will he fly through the air, dunking on hapless Russians?

Boom Dizzle needs not your approval. Boom Dizzle needs only the ball in his hands.

Not quite the Kirilenko jam -- I'll agree on that point -- but, hey.

Go get yourself some, Boom Dizzle.

/Agrees violently, shaking head up and down two hundred times per second.

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