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Podcast: Haters Paradise! We talk bad about Harrison Barnes, Rockets, Clippers, and more

As promised in the previous episode, Ivan shares his, um, discontent with the development and expected salary of Harrison Barnes. We also discuss potential playoff matchups, who we most look forward to beating, and accept our devolution into whole-hearted haters.

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  • 0:15 — Just terrible hangover loss to the Lakers
  • 2:26 — Taking another pass at reasons why the Warriors are "struggling"
  • 6:01 — Draymond + Steph dynamic: two guys providing very different and complimentary leadership roles, and comparison to other teams
  • 11:34 — If your name is Harrison Barnes, please do not listen to the next 24 minutes of this podcast.
  • 35:20 — Ideal playoff scenarios in the western conference!
  • 40:00 — We complete our devolution into self-realized haters

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