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That time my Golden State Warriors 2009 draft shirt went viral

I've never had any of my designs go viral on social media's sports outlet. Boy, it was amazing!

I thank Minnesota everyday for passing up Curry... Twice!

"I thank Minnesota everyday for passing up Curry... Twice!"

A couple weeks ago I released a new design on my Tony.psd store site called the "GSW Draft 09'" tee that was basically a huge thank you to Minnesota for passing up our league MVP Stephen Curry... twice! I left the Knicks line empty because at the time of the draft I was so stoked we got Steph I didn't care from there on out.

After a long day at work last night, Bleacher report had broken the news from the Star Tribune columnist Jim Souhan who had posted it on his twitter page. From there on out it went viral! (something I never experienced as a designer) The feeling was overwhelming and I was overjoyed to see my design pop up all over social media outlets like Uproxx, Complex Magazine, The Score and NBA TV's "The Starters" tv show.

Shout out to Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune for posting this and John Sharkman for wearing it!

Design wise, I wanted to do something that had people talking right when you saw it. "Oh man! I remember that!" Sparking a conversation of something so simple, that's brought so much success to our Warriors in the long run.

The shirt sold out in about 2 hours after it's post and I am working on getting more in. In the meantime please visit my site for my complete collection!

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