Has Harrison Barnes sealed his doom with GSW?

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I found the recent Harrison Barnes podcast very interesting. And we seem to be as divided as ever when it comes to the future of Harrison Barnes with the Warriors. And in the interest of full disclosure, I’m a big fan of Harrison Barnes – I want to see him re-sign with GSW, and not resign. But even I have limits.


But I have to admit...this was a helluva shot!

In hindsight, even I am beginning to think that his gambit has not paid off. He turned down a rather generous offer from the Warriors. And in hindsight, perhaps that was foolish. And his play as of late may cause one to believe that Barnes and his agent may have an overblown view of his worth. Let me offer a few opinions from our members (and note that I will not mention names in order to protect the innocent, except for Sleepy, of course, since he is always innocent). Let me start with this one: "Yes this guy has been struggling. I first noticed it in the Spurs game when he fouled 2 spurs who were taking 3 pt shots. You just groan. Didn’t the announcers say he is "aiming at the basket, not shooting? Something is off in his shooting ability. I know he didn’t agree to terms with the Warriors early in the season but the way he is playing is hurting his chances of staying a Warrior." This post sums up how I feel about Barnes at this point.

Has the Black Falcon become a mere sparrow? Here is what one member thinks: "I personally call him a sparrow. Listened to your podcast and saying HB is a "solid" player is laughable. He has ZERO game (open 3-point shots are due to the team he is playing, not his ability to get open himself). Opposing coaches with their actions speak volumes on what they think of HB. Doc Rivers puts J.J. Reddick on him. He can’t even punish Deangelo Russell." Ouch!

But we still have Barnes supporters. To wit:

"Yes, Iowa isn’t a powerhouse state for basketball, but let’s look at this:

Second-team All-American – NABC (2012)

First-team All-ACC (2012)

Second-team All-ACC (2011)

ACC Rookie of the Year (2011)

All-ACC Freshman team (2011)

Mr. Basketball USA (2010)

McDonald’s All-American Game Co-MVP (2010)

Did enough at both levels to hang with the competition and dominate it at various points."

Sleepy also weighed in, and I’m still trying to understand what he said, but I’m sure it was good. And there was another good comment: "I think overpaying Barnes would make it really hard for us to fill out the roster and compete."

One last comment from a knowledgeable poster: "If I had to guess how much of Barnes’ game has been fully developed, I’d say about 75%. I think today, Barnes is 75% of the player he’s ever going to become. He just doesn’t have the handles or finishing ability to get to spots on the floor the same way Curry or even Draymond or Iguodala can — making his athleticism largely moot in non-jump ball, pure-athleticism aspects of the game."

I am now thoroughly confused. And I need your help.

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