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Podcast: Warriors down Jazz, aim harpoon at record and championship

With seven games left, the Warriors look to close out the season as the best team ever. We talk about what it'll take to get there.

The white whale is in our sites! Bram Kincheloe and Ivan Bettger discuss the home stretch of the Warriors season. Will they, like Captain Ahab, remain fixated on the goals in front of them? Will the San Antonio Spurs or Utah Jazz have a say? And what do Brooklyn hipsters have to do with any of this? Tune in to find out!

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  • 0:20 — Competing for the all-time record. Hey, we have to keep talking about it! So, what will Gregg Popovich do in the remaining games against the Warriors?
  • 5:10 — So many goals to accomplish and records to break. What are the players motivated most by?
  • 8:17 — Going over Bram's remaining game predictions, including the Warriors getting killed by Memphis
  • 14:18 — And now Bram is drawing a metaphor between the 2015-2016 Warriors season and Herman Melville's Moby Dick
  • 18:35 — Talking about the future of the Utah Jazz
  • 21:27 — Mike Conley to the Jazz!
  • 23:30 — More or less of a challenge to Warriors in first round of the playoffs: 2016 Jazz, or 2015 Pelicans?
  • 25:52 — Gordon Hayward is a Brooklyn hipster bar stud. "He's slick as the day is long"
  • 26:52 — No, really — now we are talking about the Brooklyn hipster bar scene. Bram, stop hijacking this podcast!
  • 30:12 — Back to the remaining schedule: Who gets the 8th seed?