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Warriors vs. Celtics final score 109-106: Dubs lose at home for first time all season

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Argh, this one stings.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports


There's a lot to unpack here, obviously.

Well, let's pour one out for the home winning streak. Any hope of going 41-0 over the course of the season will have to be postponed until some other season. Dang, I really thought they'd be able to do it.

On a night where the foul-call discrepancy was, um, interesting -- on a night where the Celtics really got up under the Warriors' chins -- the Dubs still almost found a way to pull out the victory. Stephen Curry launched a three that would have tied it, but missed. Draymond Green had the defensive play of the YEAR, but then fumbled the ball away on the very next possession with a chance to go up. These things happen. It was just one of those nights.

A game of inches played over a fiery 48 minutes, both teams swinging haymakers.

Unfortunately, it was the Celtics -- led by the unflappable Brad Stevens -- who walked away with the win. Hot damn, that Celtics team is well coached! Wow. After Stephen Curry went completely bonkers in the third quarter, they never even flinched. Not once. They came into Oakland and dethroned the champs. You gotta hand it to them. They played the game their own way, and yet still barely won. Won by the slimmest of hairs.

I was watching on a stream, on my laptop, and OF COURSE my internet died with about two minutes left in the game. It was just one of those nights.

Still shaking my head. Wishing it felt differently. But, hey, on to the next one.

Assorted notes:

First Half

The Warriors came out flat. At the end of the first half, the Warriors had 13 turnovers.


Stephen Curry decided to go ahead and start breaking some more records, having seven turnovers in the first half alone (a career worst for a single half).

Harrison Barnes (of all people) was the high scorer for the Warriors in the first half, as he had nine points on 3-5 shooting (all three shots were three pointers) in 16 minutes.

For the Celtics, both Evan Turner and Jared Sullinger scored 11 points apiece in the first two quarters.

The Celtics harried Stephen Curry all the way out to half court, frequently trapping him and forcing bad decisions. Hence, you know, the seven turnovers.

Look at this. Four defenders, all completely zoned in on the MVP.

Second Half

The Warriors came out hungry after half, as Steph hit two quick three pointers in the first 33 seconds, including this beauty:

As the third quarter progressed, the Warriors and Celtics both picked up the pace. Specifically, Isaiah Thomas and Stephen Curry went OFF. Like, ALL THE WAY OFF.

Steph hit this shot, which, c'mon....

However, the Celtics continued playing up on him as much as possible, and forced him into three more turnovers in the quarter.

And, then, of course... The Fourth Quarter...

So many huge plays. So many clutch (and not so clutch) moments. Draymond's misstep on that play near the end will overshadow the fact that he single-handedly gave the Warriors a chance. At one point, he scored eight (I think) points in a row, and was making huge stop after huge stop on the defensive end.

On one of the most pivotal plays of the game, he wrestled the ball away from a Celtic player without fouling, jumped on it on the ground, somehow corralled it, and called a timeout. Of course, on the very next play he lost the ball and the Warriors never recovered.

Argh. This one stings. So man turnovers. So many strange fouls...

But, then again, look on the bright side. 68-8 is still preeeeeeetty cool.