NBA Strips GSW of Five Wins Citing Draymond Standard for Wins

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Adam Silver himself made the announcement saying among other things, "I am Mr. Silver, but he is Mr. Silver Tongue – and he convinced us despite our initial reluctance," as well as "The standard we applied for what is a win is at least as strict as the one Mr. Green uses."

Steve Kerr was outraged. "Draymond in no way speaks for the Golden State Warriors organization and should not have been given the status to even seek this change. We have filed a formal protest, and I understand an emergency Board of Governors meeting has been requested." He and others in the organization were reportedly upset that this makes their quest for 73 wins impossible.

Since the league oddly did not change the wins to losses but declared them null, the Warriors first place in the West does not appear threatened – although some confusion appears to exist regarding this point. Fear exists that the Warriors’ remaining opponents will simply not suit up enough players to meet the "Draymond Standard for Wins" and the Warriors will be unable to obtain wins.

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