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Warriors vs. Spurs halftime score: Golden State has season-low 35 first half points in San Antonio

The Warriors and Spurs engaged in a defensive battle in the first half, heading into halftime with the score tied at 35.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs have both played outstanding defense in the first half, which has made for a somewhat ugly game with an even 35-35 score at halftime.

On the plus side, the Warriors held the Spurs to just 28.6 percent shooting in the first half with some great team defense throughout.

Unfortunately, the Warriors only shot 35.1 percent from the field themselves, leading to a 35-point half.

Not the prettiest basketball, but you can appreciate the strategy at play between two of the best regular season teams ever.

Stephen Curry went into halftime with a game-high 11 points, including a three in his 151st consecutive game. The Warriors will still have to find a way to get some offense from Klay Thompson, who is shooting just 2-for-8.