What else do the Dubs need to do to shut up the haters and doubters...change the names on the front of their jerseys?

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The Dubs got their 72nd win at the hardest place to do it.

They hadn't won in San Antonio in over 19 years. San Antonio hadn't lost a home game in over a year. They've been winning games for 4 years when nobody believed in them. And now they leveled the Bulls' 72 wins. And now, they have a shot to go for 73 against Memphis. What's even more impressive is that these are the defending NBA champions going for the 73 wins...when, in theory, they should be getting everyone's best shot.

Here's the other records the Dubs got: most road wins (34) and never lost B2B games. And if they beat Memphis, they will have never lost to any opponent more than once, and of course...get that elusive 73rd win.

Let me ask the haters and doubters this...what else do they need to do? They've been labelled soft, lucky, too small, lucky, not tested, still lucky.

Doc Rivers said, "The Dubs didn't play us, or San Antonio." Klay Thompson simply replied, "We wanted to play them. They just couldn't finish their business." I mean, clown comment, Doc. What else was Klay supposed to say: sorry for getting the 1-seed? Sorry that the Clips choked a 3-1 lead to Houston?

Kyrie Irving said, "They're lucky that they're all healthy." Which Draymond Green replied, "And if I were 6-11, I would be Anthony Davis."

The Warriors racked 24 straight wins to start a season, also a record. People said, "Wait till they play Oklahoma City. Wait till they play San Antonio. Wait till they play Cleveland."

Let's take a look:

Cleveland: win on Christmas 89-83, win at Cleveland 132-98

San Antonio: beat them 3 out of 4 times, including this historic 72nd win

Oklahoma City: won all 3 games quite handily, and that sick 3 by Curry

Haters and doubters are running out of excuses. All of these excuses have to do with the name in the front of the jerseys. Had this team been the Lakers or Bulls or Spurs, the media will be kissing the ass and say, "Greatest team of all-time." However, since the Dubs lack the history that those teams have, the media is waiting for excuses: "They're lucky. They would get swept if they played the 2000-01 Lakers or 1995-96 Bulls. They don't play defense."

Golden State adapted their playing style to play the defensive San Antonio, and won 3 out of 4 against them. I just find this strange...had this team been the Lakers, we wouldn't have to hear about getting blown out to the 1995-96 Bulls.

Another thing I want to mention: the Dubs have been the overlooked geeks in high school who graduated from Stanford and launched multibillion dollar apps in Silicon Valley. And they bought mansions in Palo Alto and drive fancy cars. Once overlooked in high school, now the girls are throwing themselves left and right for them. That's the entire story of the Dubs: always overlooked. Stars didn't even flinch a bit when GS was rising. Now that they have blossomed before our eyes, all the stars want to play them. KD wants to play for GS. Too bad. They only want to reap what the Dubs' had been working for. They didn't want to do the work...they only like the results. The Dubs have already proven they don't need big stars to get 72 wins. Instead, they drafted and developed their own homegrown talent...the way talent should be grown. What makes these 72 wins (plus the 67 last year) even more impressive was that all the big stars overlooked the Dubs. Teams are always talking about getting big name stars and shit, but again, the Dubs proved why homegrown talent is the best.

I already said this so many times, but I will say it again...these Dubs are the greatest team of all-time. What else do they need to do? None of those previous title teams would come even close to beating these Dubs in a 7-game series. Most people who say otherwise are mostly haters who simply lack respect for this team because of the name of the jersey. I would tell them: pay attention to the team, not the name on the jerseys.


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