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NBA Playoffs 2016: Rockets clinch eighth seed, will face Warriors in first round

Let the trolling begin.

WARNING, EXTREMELY SALTY FANBOYISHNESS AHEAD: The Rockets, after floundering, flopping, and malaising their way though the NBA's regular season, have clinched the eighth and final playoff spot with a win over the hapless Kings. And so, the unfortunate continuation of last year's Western Conference Finals is now upon us.


Man, do the Warriors really have to play the Rockets again?! Like, are we contractually obligated to sit through another round of James Harden's awful defense, Dwight Howard's atrocious "give-a-f**k" level, and Patrick Beverley's sneaky-dirty ways?

Can we somehow take a vote and get the Jazz in there instead?

Reminder: Harden had 1,000,000 turnovers this season, obviously setting a record. Well, almost. He actually has the most in a single season (since the NBA started keeping track). Harden turnovers vs. Steph's three-pointers is still an exhilerating exchange.

/Sighs deeply.

Well, here we go. Again... I guess...

Small amount of credit to the Rockets: They needed to win to make it in, and they did so. Handily. But, urgh. Yikes. Dang. All those words that imply frustration.

Well, shucks, bring 'em on.