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Warriors VS. History: 2nd half gamethread

The Warriors are 24 minutes away from history.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The best team ever is proving it once again. Klay's on fire, Barnes looks confident and is producing, Bogut and Iguodala are controlling the defense, and Draymond is looking like another triple double about to happen.

But that's not it. Livingston looks great and Speezy is possessed.

Curry, the league's top lay-up shooter in the league is proving that he also has range, knocking down 7 three pointers in the first half. One more and he has an otherworldly 400 on the season. However, after watching the team hunt for Curry in unprecedented ways in the opening 24 minutes, I think the team has it's is also eyeballing the single game three point record, which would take that record away from Kobe Bryant. I can't imagine a more poetic ending for that career to end.

LET"S GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!