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Warriors vs. Rockets halftime score: Patrick Beverley no match for Stephen Curry, Golden State leads 60-33

The Warriors have gotten their title run off to a good start.

The Golden State Warriors will look to finish off the Houston Rockets in Game 1 after mounting a big first half lead.

Stephen Curry leads the way with a playoff career-high 24 first half points to help the Warriors mount their largest halftime lead in the shot clock era, according to @gswstats.

The Rockets pulled out their most desperate tactics early with Patrick Beverley openly swinging at Steph Curry in the first quarter. Although he didn't get ejected, the league needs to review that and try to keep that bush league nonsense to a minimum.

Thankfully, the Rockets don't appear to have what it takes to stay around very long this post season so I suppose that's a natural consequence for their behavior.

James Harden has as many points as fouls (4), Dwight Howard leads the way for them with 11 points and 8 boards but continues to look like the player I didn't want via free agency a few years ago, and Beverley has done nothing but cement himself as one of the league's dirtiest players.

Time to get this win, Warriors.

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