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Andre Iguodala finishes second in NBA's Sixth Man of the Year voting

No matter. His swag is still #1.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, Andre Iguodala took over Oracle arena and led the Warriors (sans Stephen Curry) to an impressive game two victory. Today, he finished second in the media vote for NBA's Sixth Man of the Year.

All year -- heck, his whole career -- Andre has had a sense for the moment. A flair for the dramatic. Curry is out? Here comes Iguodala with a series of dunks and flourished jump shots. Harrison Barnes is named the starter under newly-minted-coach Steve Kerr? Andre threatens to beat Kerr's ass if they don't win the championship.

Last night, he stepped up and filled the massive Steph shaped void by compiling a stat line of 18 points in 33 minutes, on 7-10 shooting (including 4-6 from beyond the arc).

He also gave the best post-game interview of all time.


Yo, Andre. That is just cold.

And now, he is the runner up sixth man of the year behind the LA Clippers' Jamal Crawford.

What more can last year's NBA Finals MVP accomplish? How much more swag can he swig?

Andre -- almost just as much as Steph or Draymond Green -- influences this Warriors team with his cool demeanor. He is the silent partner in the trifecta of swag. That hidden investor of swag who secretly controls all swag shares. The swinging swaggerer who sings in the swag shower. Or something like that.

Anyways, congrats Andre. Here at GSOM, we all wish you'd won the award. But we are sure you'd rather have another Finals MVP at year's end.

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