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Support the Bayview Hunters Point YMCA Sports Program!

The Bayview Hunters Point YMCA Sports Program is hosting a fundraiser for their sports program through a crab feed on May 15.

I've supported the Bayview Hunters Point YMCA (BVHP YMCA) in the past and with their fourth annual Crab Feed Dinner coming up on May 15th, I wanted to help spread the word.

Most of us found our love for basketball in our youth so it's nice, as basketball fans, when we have the opportunity have a  to contribute to the dreams of others.

What's most unique about the BVHP YMCA is that they're a full service YMCA that offers a wide range of services beyond what you'd probably expect from other locations: academic programs, community health initiatives, mental health support, and social work services are all available at the Bayview Hunters Point location to ensure the healthy development of all the youth in the area. I had an opportunity to visit the facility and meet some of the staff a few years ago and they do outstanding work that needs support in order to continue helping the youth in their neighborhood succeed.

Whether in basketball or beyond, the BVHP YMCA helps local youth achieve their dreams by providing a safe space with supportive adults to help fully achieve them.

Check out the info and donate if you can.

Please click here to buy a ticket for the crab feed or to donate to their fundraising efforts.