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NBA Playoffs 2016: Stephen Curry's injury brought out the worst in some people

How can some people be so disgusting?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen Curry went down hard, and he went down fast. As quickly as it happened, the aftermath seemed to stretch on in some sort of infinite time loop of confusion, anger, and hatred. First came shock, then came sadness, then came the twitter doctors, and then came the despicable human beings.

Why do you love to hate life? Internet, I'm asking you.

Yesterday, I was live tweeting the Warriors game. Things were going so-so. Steph was playing, but he wasn't playing particularly well. He was moving with a certain amount of grace, which in and of itself was good enough. As long as his ankle was feeling well, we were fine.

And then...

And then.

[Here's where I would post the video of the injury. But, honestly, I've seen it too many times and I don't want to force you to watch again as well.]

Just like that, the Warriors' historic season hung in the winds. Their efforts and their tribulations through all these games, all the ups and downs of this season, were compromised. We entered into a strange waiting game. Hoping for the best but fearing the worst.

But beyond Curry's injury, and beyond my own feelings as a Warriors fan, I suddenly had to deal with a much darker element of humanity.

So, the facts: Curry was injured. It was not his fault, it was not Houston's fault. He slipped on a wet spot. It was a freak accident. You can't control these things. It wasn't because the Warriors went for 73 wins, and it wasn't because of his ankle.

Houston has recently been hit with a barrage of storms. Are you really, really?? going to go there? As a rational human being with a normal amount of empathy, could you ever see yourself saying something like this?

Or, as a member of society -- with responsibilities, loved ones, a family, a sense of right and wrong, and a sense of community -- could you ever really bring yourself to say this? [Edit: It seems this individual deleted the tweet. In short, it was crude, racist, and hoped for further injury to Curry's ACL.]

Life sometimes feels like a sacred pact. As in, "I promise to try and be nice and not be a dick to you if you in turn also promise to basically do the same for me." Or, "I will not write mean things about people I do not know on the internet while hiding behind a fake name and a stolen picture." Or, "For the love of God, if I have to see one more racist, taunting, or flood-related tweet I'm out of here. What the hell is wrong with us, are we nothing more than savages?"

Why do we feel the need to be horrible?

What is it about a shared tragedy that brings out the worst in us? Oh, something horrible happened? Niiiiiice, let me fire up the racist-hot-take gun. Curry got hurt, niiiiiiiiiiiice, let me try and get Draymond Green to say something derogatory about the flooding in Houston.

Why is it that this incredible creation that has the power to unite us -- namely, the internet -- is primarily populated by pure, utter garbage? Just, angry, racist, poorly-spelled garbage?

Sports are supposed to bring us together. Sports are supposed to remove us from the tribulations of our day to day lives. And yet, there are people waiting in the wings who want nothing more than to tear that all down.

It makes me so sad.

As a child, you hold hope that someday your generation will right the wrongs of the past. No more wars, no more famine. As a young human, life seems fully-open and potential-filled. You can do no wrong. There's no way your generation could possible fall prey to the shortcomings of past years.

And yet, here we are. We've created a mystical, magical world full of super-technologies and moving gifs. Collectively we are creating at a higher and more consistent level than ever before.

And yet, we are filling those creations to the brim with shit.

We are filling up youtube comment threads with nonsense. Our teenagers are using the technology not to better themselves but instead to bully their peers. Children growing up in this world are bombarded by a steady, unstoppable stream of hatred and vitriol.

Occasionally, it spills over into sports. Heck, I wish it was only occasionally.

Often, it spills over into sports.

I for one, don't want any part of it. We all need to look into our souls and figure out what this world means to us. Are we trying to better ourselves, and by extension better the world? Or are we using these great gifts at our disposal -- this huge groundswell of technology -- to tear and rip at each other?

And if so, why?

I guess that's my main question.