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Podcast: What does Stephen Curry's injury mean for the Warriors playoff hopes?

How does the knee injury to Stephen Curry affect the Golden State Warriors going forward in the playoffs? Do the Houston Rockets stand any chance at all? And who's the better opponent for the Dubs in the second round — the Portland Trailblazers or the Los Angeles Clippers? [NOTE: This was recorded before Chris Paul's injury. We wish him a speedy recovery.]

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  • 0:36 — Steph Curry injury discussion. Good news/bad news?
  • 3:20 — Earlier sprained ankle — did it contribute to his knee injury?
  • 8:05 — Breaking down the dumb idea of drawing out the series to buy Curry time
  • 10:55 — Bram's heart bursts with pride about the post-Curry Warriors' play
  • 14:49 — And the Rockets hate begins!
  • 15:30 — "When I watch the Rockets play basketball, I take my two thumbs and I stick them into my eyeballs and I just like, take my eyeballs and I pull them out of my eye sockets."
  • 21:08 — The Curry injury in terms of how miserable this series is
  • 27:25 — Looking ahead to second round: do we want Clippers or Blazers?
  • 32:51 — The effect of Curry's injury (and Doc's talk) will have on Draymond's engine
  • 37:40 — Nate: Clippers easier out, because of lack of SF quality