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Mark Cuban: Draymond Green is not a superstar

The world turns, Cuban keeps on Cuban-ing.

Mark Cuban has a very specific standard for who is and who is not a superstar. As he told Mavs Moneyball's Tim Cato:

"The way I define a superstar is who do you want the ball in the hands of at the end of a game when you need a bucket. Who do you know that can get off that shot, make that shot and that's your superstar."

As far as his thoughts on Draymond Green, specifically:

"I think Draymond's an All-Star and I think he's really, really, really, really good, I think he's multi-faceted, but I wouldn't call him a superstar yet. You're not going to put Draymond on a bad team and watch him win 50 games. Draymond, he makes all the players around him better, but I don't think he goes anywhere in the league and wins 50 games."

For what it's worth, he doesn't think Kyrie Irving or Russell Westbrook are superstars either.

Slightly related:

What do you think Dubs fans?

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