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NFL Draft 2016: Football overruns this country yet again for a night

So where will Jared Goff end up?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Football -- that great American scourge and glorious source of entertainment -- returns tonight for a brief cameo as the NFL draft rolls into town. Starting tonight, and continuing for the next two days, we will see some 250 or so players drafted into the National Football League. That's the equivalent of the town of Wallsburg, Utah. Also, approximately the equivalent of my block in Brooklyn. A city's block (out of a nation's talent pool) will enter into a professional football agreement by Saturday night's end.

So, how are we to feel about this? As basketball fans -- as people with larger problems in life, namely Stephen Curry's health -- how are we to feel about the draft? Does the fact that Cal's Jared Goff could potentially go first entice us? Should we be rooting for him, purely from a sense of provincial pride?

As Bay Area fans, are we holding our breath for the savior? Do we really believe that a handful of draft picks can resurrect either the Raiders or the 49ers? In this moment of revelry, after the Warriors have won their first round series versus the Rockets without their MVP, how are we to feel about the draft?

Full disclosure:

I have been watching Goff for years now. I literally grew up just up the hill from Marin Catholic. My step sister attended the school. Even though I left California when I was sixteen, and even though I am substantially older than Jared, I've been rooting for him for quite a while.

Since before this:

And definitely since before this:

As he rose through the ranks of NFL draft prospects, I kept hope alive that the 49ers would potentially draft him. But, after the recent flurry of moves -- with the Eagles and Rams trading into the top two spots-- I now know Goff was never destined to remain in the Bay.

Too bad. Regardless, let's see what happens tonight.

Treat this as your NBA playoff game (Hawks vs. Celtics at 5pm pdt) and NFL draft open thread.

Oh Jared, why couldn't you have been a tiny, tiny bit worse so you could've slipped to the 49ers at #7?!

For now, here's a fun little widget to help you follow along with tonight's draft.

Also, check out all of SBNation's extensive draft coverage here.

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