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Game preview: Warriors don't need to panic against the Trail Blazers

It’s on to the next one as the Golden State Warriors take on the Portland Trail Blazers after suffering their first home loss of the season against the Boston Celtics Friday night.

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Tip-off: 5pm PST
Where: Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA
TV: CSN Bay Area, NBA TV
Radio: KNBR 680
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The Warriors. I wish I was at Friday's game to see the fans' reactions.

How was the scene? The feeling? What was it like to lose your first home game of the season? (and in April, for that matter!) We've been absolutely blessed with a streak dating back as far as last season. Regardless of the loss, I tip my hat to our team for having the longest home win streak in recorded NBA History!

It's time for Golden State to rebound from this loss and focus on Portland, who's in town. The number one thing we can throw out the window going into today's game is "turnovers" -- 13 of 22 turnovers in the first half on Friday resulting in 16 points for Boston. While the Warriors stats aren't as bad as they look, their mistakes cost them the game.

But enough of that, let's just redirect our attention into beating Portland the same way we've played all season.

Well deserved Coach Kerr, congrats!

The Trail Blazers rolled past the Miami Heat last night in a 110-93 victory. They shot over 52% in field goals and 10-of-16 (62%) from the 3-point line against the Heat. Every game counts right now with Portland sitting pretty in the sixth seed, 4 games separating them from clinching that 5th seed. The two things that the Blazers have going for them tonight is their strong defensive presence that will put our guys to the test and they can score just about as much points as us on any given day. For Portland to go in with the right mindset in place, this is one team I refuse to take for granted.

Key to the game: Say no to Turnovers.

There's no excuse for THIRTEEN turnovers in the first half against the Celtics on Friday night. That (and a lack luster shooting performance) is why Boston kept it real close to steal a game in Oakland. Better ball handling and movement will help reduce these turnovers.

Highlight Predictions:

- Turnovers reduced! It's a simple prediction. Whatever the Warrior do in practice (practice drills, etc.) that sticks to their heads will help them avoid turnovers. You can't win games playing sloppy.

- Dubs shooting frenzy. We shot 46% in both field goals and 3-pointers. If we get that number higher and make Portland force some bad shots, we can call this one a night and take a W. I've got a good feeling that a handful of our guys are going to get hot shooting tonight!

- Curry & Kerr will lead the way. We haven't (knock on wood) lost 2 in a row yet and I believe these 2 gentlemen will lead the way and get the team going to make sure it doesn't happen.

- Draymond Green. My favorite prediction of the season, our heartbeat will record yet another triple double!

- Hey Roaracle, our team needs us! No need to panic, let's just give our team the support and energy it needs to get this Squad rolling. It's going to be a wild night at the Roaracle!

Win Prediction: We play the same momentum we've had all season long and pull out with a win. Warriors final will be 115-107

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