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Crossing enemy lines: Talking Spurs v. Warriors with Pounding the Rock's J.R. Wilco

J.R Wilco of Pounding the Rock joins GSoM's own Andrew Flohr to break down the third meeting between San Antonio and Golden State

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs have yet to disappoint this season. At 69-9, Golden State can become the second team in NBA history to reach the 70 win plateau with a win over San Antonio. A victory over the Spurs would also clinch the Western Conference's top seed, giving the Dubs home court advantage throughout the playoffs.

But even with 69 wins on the season with only four games to play, the Spurs still have a chance to swoop the top spot and home court from the Warriors. J.R. Wilco gives us an insight into the evil empire that is the San Antonio Spurs and shares his expert opinion on a potential playoff series between the two teams, tonight's matchup and the Warriors' chase for 73.

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