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Steve Kerr's anger is more perfect than anything else ever

I want to feel this alive, if only for a moment.

At one point in last night's Warriors vs. Spurs game, Steve Kerr called a timeout and transformed into a fire-breathing, pen-flinging angry dragon.

Things were not going his way.

Needless to say, the internet had some fun with this gif.

But let's break it down further.

Notice the complete commitment to his anger! He is, without a doubt, 100% angry. And then notice the follow through as he slams his hand down. What form! What grace!

Now, notice how the purity of his action sends a shock wave -- a Matrix-like ripple -- through his immediate surroundings! You can almost see the air vibrate, can almost see time stop.

And the pen! Oh, the pen. The pen -- that singular human invention -- is jettisoned into the air. Pens have long been used to prop up our own measly sense of self worth. Feeling bad? Write about it! Feeling good? Write about it! But what Steve Kerr has done, in this instant of pure, unfiltered action, is to jettison all human thought. He is negating his own consciousness! He is rejecting those mortal coils that hold us within our slowly-decomposing bodies! He has become free and unfettered through his rage!

The pen flying through the air represents the struggle of all humans, everywhere. Oh, to be free and airborne. Bound for the heavens, twirling on the wind.

Kerr has unshackled himself from his own restraints! He has unleashed the rage. Has unleashed that inner demon.

This gif represents all that is, can be, and ever will come to pass.

Or, you know, Stephen Curry had another turnover or something.

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