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Warriors vs. Thunder NBA playoff predictions: Golden State's the clear favorite, but it will be a tough series

The GSOM staff makes their Western Conference Finals predictions.

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We're all in agreement that the Golden State Warriors will defeat the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2016 NBA Western Conference Finals but the big question is how many games it will take.

The Golden State of Mind staff is now going on the record with their predictions.

What's your prediction for the series (who wins and in how many games)?

Nate P: I'm going with Warriors in 6. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are going to get theirs in one or two of these games and the Thunder did a lot of things well in that February meeting that got overshadowed by Curry's ridiculous game-winner. And if the series against the Spurs is any indication, this team is really starting to hit their stride. But mostly, I'm just too chicken to predict Warriors in 5 — just not willing to dismiss the Thunder so easily.

Hugo: I'm going to go out on a limb and saying Warriors in 5.  I know it could come back to haunt me, but the Warriors haven't disappointed me yet.

Bram: I think the Thunder bigs dominate, Westbrook goes off in a few games, Durant does crazy Durant things, and yet in the end just don't have the poise or depth to finish off the Warriors. I'm going Warriors in seven, with the final game in Oakland being decided by a 40 foot Curry shot in triple overtime that causes the world to shatter into a million pieces, effectively sending the surviving humans back into the stone age.

Derek: This is a tough one. The Thunder have looked like world-beaters and they've also lost to the Dallas Mavericks. I'm picking the Warriors to lose homecourt advantage for the first time this postseason, but win in seven. I'll throw in a bonus prediction: no overtimes.

Basketball Jonez: I really hope that we see a well officiated, injury free affair. This might be the best series any of us has ever seen, assuming that the referees can keep themselves out of the story. I'm definitely worried against the Thunder, but I really believe in the talent on the Warriors too. I think the teams trade wins, this series goes seven, each team has a blowout and three of the games going into overtime. In the end, I think the collective smarts and chemistry of the Warriors wins out. I can't wait to see it.

Dean Campbell: Warriors in 6. OKC has enough firepower offensively to win a game or two when Durant and Westbrook get hot, but Golden State has the better balance of offense and defense, as well as a better bench. Westbrook and Durant will be tired in the fourth quarter when Curry returns from his usual rest to close out the games. OKC doesn't have the luxury of resting its two stars.

Andy Liu: Warriors in 6 although I was tempted to go 5 but I'll hedge. I think every phase of the game OKC destroyed the Spurs in will be rendered less impactful against the Warriors. Enes Kanter's emergence is great but he wasn't put in PNR situations against the Spurs. Dion Waiters' decision-making seems unsustainable. And while Steven Adams looked awesome against the Spurs, it's doubtful that remains the case against Draymond Green. That being said, Durant and OKC's athleticism will give GSW some fits. At the end of the day, however, the singular trump card GSW has will prove too much: The Stephen Curry PNR.

Andrew Flohr: I’m not sold on OKC’s ability to close out close games. Also wouldn’t be surprised if the Warriors are down 2-1 in this series. Dubs in six.

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