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Podcast: Fear the Thunder? Previewing a tough Western Conference Finals

We preview the Western Conference Finals matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Are we fretting for nothing, or are the Thunder truly dangerous to the mighty Warriors? What will Russell Westbrook do? Is Dion Waiters really an x-factor? And who draws blood first: Andrew Bogut or Steven Adams?

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  • 0:34 — First, Thunder overcoming the Spurs. What was the turning point?
  • 2:37 — Trying to figure out the Spurs collapse
  • 4:03 — Jumping into the Thunder-Warriors matchup. Nate's worried about Dion Waiters
  • 9:23 — Prime matchup in OKC-GSW? Bogut vs. Adams, of course
  • 12:16 — Trying to predict Westbrook vs. Warriors
  • 16:28 — The weekly Harrison Barnes segment of Golden State of Mindcast
  • 21:12 — Other matchups: Warriors defense and OKC bench play
  • 28:33 — Does the regular season matter at all in this matchup?
  • 31:34 — Thunder finally figuring it out?

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