Can someone PLEASE give a BROTHER a hand

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That was damn embarrassing last night when Steph tumbled into the front rows on the sideline. Not one of those rich ass bastards could give him a hand. Ugly ..and then an A-Hole has the nerve to start clicking pictures of Steph laid out in the pile.

Real Dubs fans would have been there for Steph...Big money gets the seats while the LOYAL fans get priced out. I am sick of the whole deal..Same thing at AT&T for the WS..B.S...KIM K. is OK..but I need to go find a cardboard box to see the game.

Big money has really messed with the fan base. Not fair but that's life I guess. I wish the teams could have a little lottery for poorer people to sit in the upper deck at least. Say 250 - 350 seats or something..give something back to the fans who have gone for years but can't afford to go anymore.



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Would you give me a hand?

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Toly Braun - Give me your Hand (Original Mix)

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